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Your EPE Distinction Memorialized: A Lifelong Tribute to Your Career

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The Cambridge Who's Who® Hall of Fame is reserved solely for members who have earned our Executive, Professional and Entrepreneur (EPE) of the Year distinction. Since an EPE tribute lasts only one year, thereafter the Hall of Fame becomes the centralized place where we indefinitely memorialize each honoree. People who are placed in this special section of our website continue to gain recognition through their publicly viewable online profile.

Cambridge Who's Who reserves the EPE accolade for individuals who have achieved substantial success in their respective industries. They have proven leadership abilities and an unwavering dedication to their professions. In that frame of reference, the Hall of Fame serves as a snapshot summary of their careers and a public proclamation of their achievements. Even after someone has retired or transitioned into a new line of work, they can direct others to view their commemorative page, which contains a definitive summary of their accomplishments.

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Want to learn more or find out if you are eligible for the EPE of the Year distinction and/or commemoration in the Hall of Fame? E-mail or call (866) 933-1555 today.

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